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Do You Hate Selling?

Most Business Owners Say They Dread Their Sales Conversations … 

Or they hate selling …

But do you really hate selling?

Or do you  hate the fact that you are having conversations that make you feel uncomfortable, awkward and uncertain?

Uncertain of not knowing what you should be saying or doing – so  it all feel more like a hope and a prayer –

Welcome to an alternative way to conduct your sales conversations … A way where you don’t have to put yourself or your prospects through the dismal experience of the traditional sales process –

A way that is honest and honourable – with no pitching and pressure

Welcome to being Sales Safe …


If You Could Design The Ideal Selling Process For You – What Would It Look Like?

  • You wouldn’t use traditional selling tactics, scripts or pressure techniques
  • You wouldn’t have to try and convince people they should work with you
  • You wouldn’t have to trick people into saying yes or push them into a decision
  • You wouldn’t have to cold outreach – Prospects would come to you
  • You’d be able to say ‘No’ to people that weren’t right for you as a client
  • You wouldn’t have to go through the whole song and dance over 40 minutes – and then do the price drop at the end of the call – and then feel completely awkward playing the silence game
  • You wouldn’t have to pitch or put pressure on people
  • You wouldn’t have to overcome lots of objections, feeling more like you’re argueing with the prospect
  • You wouldn’t feel like you are constantly hustling to get clients
  • You wouldn’t have to use scripts that felt unatural and unintuitive


  • You wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, stressed or anxious about your sales conversations  … Or feel like the selling aspects of your business are out of alignment with you


sales training - sales safe selling method

What If I Showed You A Way To Sign Up Clients That Was Really Like That?

Would you feel different about selling then?

If You Had A Sales Method That:

  • Was grounded in Coaching principles, practices & ethics
  • Developed upon professional sales practices – Not traditional selling tactics
  • Was based on a clear simple structure – so it’s easy to follow and remember, keeping you in control, cool, calm and confident about what you’re saying and doing
  • Turns your sales conversations into a powerful experience for your prospects
  • That is adaptable to suit you – Not you having to try and fit into a method you don’t even like
  • Made you comfortable talking about money with your prospects
  • Doesn’t rely on pushing the prospect into a yes
  • Doesn’t rely on pressure closing or using uncomfortable silences – Or any other outdated pressure tactics
  • Wasn’t scripted and felt unatural and unintuitive
  • Didn’t wreak of desperation and neediness like most traditional selling
  • Aligned with you and your values so you could sell honestly and honourably


  • Would help you be confident and clear on what you offer and how you explain it


sales safe - Non traditional sales training for non sales people

It’s Called Sales Safe –

It’s A Non Traditional Sales Method For Non Sales People

When You Adopt This Selling Method & The Mindset Behind It, You Move Away From All The Usual Problems That The Traditional Selling Techniques Create;

Feeling like you have to convince them

Feeling you need them to say yes

Having to deal with their objections

The constant cycle of chasing sales

Having to use ‘gimmicky’ lame tactics

Hoping they say yes at the end

Ready To Get Comfortable Selling With Sales Safe?

Sales Safe is my unique sales system developed on professional selling practices and grounded in coaching principles, practices, techniques and ethics

It’s a completely different way to have sales conversations than you have been used to – And the complete opposite of traditional selling!

Sales Safe is a sales method based on my 30 years of sales experience and my experience as a professional trained and qualified coach

 The Sales Safe system is designed to give you structure to a conversation so you always feel in control, know what to say and what to do –

But not just that, it’s a mindset and approach that changes so much about selling for you – No more pitching, no more uncomfortable closing techniques, no more dealing with objections that make you sound desperate and needy, no more gimmicky or lame tactics, no more hope and a prayer approach to your sales conversations!

It means that you as a professional can sell professionally, comfortably and in a way that is aligned with you, your business, your values and integrity

You can sign up clients with ease – you can do it honestly and honourably, and you can talk comfortably, confidently and with clarity about money, your offerings and the decision to say yes

sales safe sales training
get comfortable selling with sales safe training

Join The Latest April Sales Safe Challenge

So I’ve given you the general overview of Sales Safe and what it can do for you –

What’s Next?

I can’t stand here 100 % and say this will help you when I’ve never spoken to you – So, if you like what you’ve heard so far – and you believe that Sales Safe could be an option for your current sales issues – is there any reason why we shouldn’t talk?

Once I understand what you want, I can tell you more about the program in a way that’s personal to you and let you know if I think we can help you – or not, and we can talk about what 

Sometimes, we can’t always help – so we don’t try and push on for the sake of a sale – we’ll tell you if we don’t think we can help prefer to be upfront with you about that too

 invite one of our team to a call where you can tell us in complete confidence

what does it take to Get Good At Selling?

After the right training, and you have the right techniques for you – It takes practice

And thats why we have Sales Coached

Sales Coached is the support program behind the Sales Safe training to make sure you’re never left lost – and instead, you’re always improving and tweaking your skills

‘People Don’t Want To Feel Like They Are Being Sold To – No More Than You Want To Feel Like You’re Giving Them The Hard Sell’

Sign Up Clients With Ease – By Not Following The Traditional Sales Techniques

You’re not a salesperson – You’re a professional (My clients are usually professional coaches, consultants or experts) and you are good at what you do –

So when it comes to talking to your prospects – Why would you want to spoil and cheapen your professionalism & integrity by sounding like a sales person?

You don’t, right?

You don’t want your potential clients be made to feel they are being sold to, pitched at and talked at – No more than you want to come across that way 

You want your sales conversations with potential clients to be a powerful experience, where you can demonstrate your understanding and credibility – Where you come across as confident and in control of what you’re doing – and of course, where you both can feel relaxed and enjoy the experience 

And most importantly – You want to have more conversations that end in alot more ‘Yes, I’m in’ than ‘Leave it with me, I need to think about it’

sales safe sales training

The Story Of Sales Safe …

Sales Safe is different because it’s basedon 30 years experience of selling – Unlike alot of sales training that is based on some course someone went on last month – and they  give you the same old copy and paste scripts and lame garbage –

I’ve been in sales since 1990 – And no, I wasn’t one of those stereotypical sales people (I’ve worked with plenty of them though)

But I did end up in sales for the same reason most sales people do – They couldn’t find anything else – And literally at the time – I needed a job fast

I’ll tell you briefly what had happened …

I’d dropped out of uni when I was half way to being a qualified accountant (because I thought it was boring). I’d dropped out of the fast track management program I’d taken after that because I couldn’t really take to being told what to do -And my parents were pretty mad (understatement) – ‘You better get a job’ they told me

Any with those words ringing in my ears – I had to get a job – fast – if only just to prove a point

First job I found?  Selling – Lead generation to be exact – And I quickly realised that people perceive and therefore avoid salespeople like they do a piece of doggy doos on the street

So with my 19 year old ‘you don’t ignore me’ attitude … I worked out how to engage people – I watched what the others were doing – how people responded to them ( or didn’t)

And I learnt how to be different – to act differently – to approach selling differently and to have a conversation differently – and I got good at it

I also made it enjoyable (You speak to a lot of people when you’re in sales – so why not make it a memorable or enjoyable experience for you and them

For a while, I chased the money, moving from sales job to sales job (like a lot of sales people do)

When you join a sales job – the first day or two is usually on a training course – and those training courses are pretty bad!

I’ve walked out of a few – There was no way I was going to behave that way – or treat people like they were telling you to do

Having seen all this – As a sales person – I really don’t blame people for the perception they have of salespeople – hate dealing with salespeople (You would not believe some of the things I have seen over the years)

So I know exactly just how poorly sales people are trained

  • I know that sales people are their own worst enemies
  • I know how people respond to being pushed by sales people – they resist
  • I know that salespeople are rubbish at listening
  • I know that sales people put their own agendas first
  • I know that sales people just can’t help themselves but

I know all the things that salespeople do incorrectly – that’s why what I teach works – because and I teach you how to sell by doing the opposite

Fast forwards a Couple of years – I ended up in a great job with a really forward thinking boss (esp for the 1990’s) – He too recognised that people don’t like sales people – and the way to be different – and sell more, was to act differently – and to set a professional standard when dealing with prospects

That’s when I learned the professional sales training I still use today  

It kind of pulled everything together for me and reflected how I felt people should be treated

My sales career flew from there and I became one of those ‘high flying’ corporate types – You know … all expenses paid, company cars, credit cards, hotel stays, corporate days and dining out etc etc. My ‘party years’ as I call them …

Anyway – after that, I did that strange thing that a lot of corporate people do – I went out on my own as a consultant, utilising my sales, marketing and business skills in my own businesses -and to help other professionals get clients – profitably and professionally

In 2014, I got interested in the coaching side as opposed to just consulting – Attracted by the business coaching, I also trained in the professional coaching method – (The ICF practiced, standards and ethics)

I discovered something really unusual –

That the professional coaching process is almost identical to the professional sales process I’d been using for years

I laid it side by side and the coaching model pretty much paralleled the professional sales techniques I’d been trained in many years previously

It also uses a lot of the same psychology, tactics and approach that a professional coach uses to help their client discover what they want – and then lead them into a decision and action that is its done collaboratively, carefully and comfortably

So I blended the two – and since then I’ve been teaching professionals, coaches, experts and consultant type business owners how to use this method to have what I call ‘Conversations that create clients

And you know what I find really unusual?

I’ve searched the internet and I’ve not come across any sales training that states they makes this blend of the two skills of professional coaching and professional selling to

End up with a unique professional way that is ideal for today’s

So that either means I’ve haven’t looked deep enough to find one that is similar – Or I’ve come up with something that’s rather unique – and not only is it unique – It works for business owners – who aren’t sales people – But have to sell in their business – and it works especially well for people that start off thinking that they hate selling

So really – This isn’t something you are going to find elsewhere …

You’re going to learn sales conversations that are completely different from what you may have been used to;

Sales conversations where instead of

You will

Is It Time We Spoke?

How Can Sales Coaching Help You?

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Business Coaching

What Are You REALLY Capable Of?

Nobody starts out with unshakable confidence do they? But how much more would you achieve if you could take action in spite of your doubts and fears?

Business coaching is all about supporting you to take the right actions consistently so you are making progress despite your feelings of uncertainty or doubt

The end result? You keep breaking through what you thought you were capable of until you realise that you can create your own rules to create the business and success you’ve always wanted


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