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Well Hello There … Are you feeling like a ‘Roger’ right now?

The endless clicking around to get the right advice for you – Spending far too much time decifering the information on how to get clients – instead of actually getting them?

Most Sales & Marketing advice has you going round in circles –

Things are a little different around here …

Lets get you on a Clear Path To Clients with an up-front look at what has to happen to close more sales, put cash in the bank and clients on your calendar


Amanda Murdoch - the sales and marketing coach

The Internet Thingy Is Bursting With ‘How To Get Clients’ Advice –

People Claiming $50K Months – Promising To Share Their Method With You …

Yet despite the blood, sweat and tears you’ve invested – You’re still not getting anywhere near the results they keep on promising

So What Is Really Going On ..?

Give me a minute to explain – And it will all start to make sense,  then you can move on – get clients – And be free of the hype

So here’s a typical situation: You’re on Facebook – An ad pops up –

‘It might help’ you think … You click …

Facebook AI now says ‘show them more like this’ – And then it’s like the floodgates have been opened – To an infestation of pitching coackroaches –

After your precious time and attention – You’re now being pulled from one Facebook ad to the next that go like this:

‘The reason why you’re not getting clients is …’ post, or worse –

The ‘I’m making 50k months with this unique method – and you’re not’ brigade …

Then, did you click and sit through the scripted videos they can’t even read properly? Or worse – You got contacted by DM with a poor attempt to be genuine for long enough to get you to ‘book a call’ ?

Next …  Emails, at least 50 … Borderline stalking, more like brainwashing, telling you ‘you need their solution’

Devoid of all finesse and subtlety – And delivered with the sincerity of a blotto’d baboon writing an Agony Aunt column

But there is no secret method at the end of the line – No new way to get clients …


Because there are no new ways to get a customer, make a sale, write good copy etc, – The fundamentals will always work to get clients

What you have is millions of self-declared ‘coaches / experts’ from the make money online niche, trying to sell you what can only be described as ‘Passed around, watered down’ copy & paste marketing tactics – usually a funnel

It comes across as scammy; They tell you ‘I make money online – pay me $5k & I’ll show you how I get clients’Make sense now?

But when you hear it often enough,  it gets under your skin that you’re the one with  a problem, when in fact – THEY are your problem

It’s not designed to help you – It’s designed to get you to keep on clicking until you give them money for their cheap advice 

Deep down, you kind of knew that something was ‘off ‘ with it all, didn’t you?

Or else you wouldn’t be here would you?

So Now What?


A Simpler, Clearer, Quicker Way To Clients On Your Calendar & Cash In Your Bank?

How Are We Going To Do That?

By Making It Happen Instead Of Keep Clicking Around … 

1 - Get Prospects


Think of marketing as your front-line scout, venturing into the market to identify, engage and generate potential prospects & leads.
Encapsulalted in content designed to communicate 
Effective marketing ensures that by the time a prospect lands in your sales funnel, they’re not just aware of your solution; they’re primed for it

2 - Get Sales


Primed prospects need solutions, not sales pitches. Mastering the conversations that create clients is stressfree with Sales Safe© – My sales method that removes all the discomfort and anxiety from sales conversations. It gives you a structured approach that bypasses all the traditional selling tactics you hate, leaving you with a professional approach to selling in your own style

3 - Get Profitable

Consistency & Predictability

Doing one and two consistently and strategically gets you profitable

Once you have a sales & marketing system in place, you can build on that to scale and automate to the level you desire to go

There’s never just one thing to crack the sales & marketing code – Nothing is standalone – Each action leads to the next 

So Now – the CTA That Shoud Have Been Above The Fold

But There’s Good Reason For That …

Which is this:

If you’ve read this far – That sort of tells me that you’re prepared to invest a little effort into getting this right – You’re wise right? It tells me you’ve probably got what it takes to make this work –

And, the reason my CTA isn’t above the fold – Because I don’t need to get you on my email list asap so you don’t notice I haven’t got any substance beyond my catchy headline

I have something more substantial to say than the usual ‘attractive but waste of time click now headlines’

(And doesn’t the anticipation make it all the more delicious, dear dopamine?)

So let’s talk about you –

Are you ready to choose the path of least resistance – the path that leads you to clients on your calendar and cash in your bank?

Are you ready to stop clicking on ads that tell you nothing new? Just drain your time, when you could be getting clients?

No more random acts of marketing for you – Just a clear path to clients – and a simpler way to 100k – and beyond

I’m going to offer you a mini course in getting clients –

It’s not the usual lame garbage people offer for free – It’s the fundamental principles of making your sales and marketing work – Why?

Because it will free you from the constantly clicking around … And get you constantly taking the next step … and the next 

One last thing … Where shall I send it?

Get sales coached with sales training with Amanda Murdoch

Sound Familiar?

Can I ask you an uncomfortable question …

Have you ever held back on reaching out to a prospect because you were anxious about the sales conversation and how it might go?

It’s not unusual if you have

If you’ve not been shown a better way than the average sales training, your sales conversations can feel like a stressful, anxiety inducing experience –

Exposing yourself to the unknown, to possibly being rejected and bringing up all kinds of uncomfortable feelings, especially when you know that they may come up with something like …

‘Leave it with me, I need to think about it’ or ‘can you send me something by email’

Then What Do You Say?

Do you desperately try to persuade them to tell you what they want to think about – Or accept what they’ve said, and let them go, another opportunity gone?

Answer – Neither –  There’s a better way to be having sales conversations – and you won’t end up in that uncomfortable place every again! Interested?

Discover What It’s Like To Be Sales Safe 


Content That Creates Clients …

Capture Your Prospect’s Attention & Take Them On A Journey That Leads Into Making A Decision To Buy From You

Sounds simple enough, right?

Not really. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling what to write on your website or Facebook page … Or writing it and no-one reading it – You are not alone. Content creation is a major obstacle for alot of business owners

Yet without your content, either words on a webpage or a video – You have no means of communicating

So your sales and marketing messages really are the only connnection between you and your prospects until you get face to face (or zoom to zoom) – That means it’s vital to do it well

How? Well, it’s not really a shortcut job – and most of it comes from your marketing prep & planning –

It’s about understanding your prospect enough to be able to tap into that internal narrative that’s running inside them – And not just the surface level

If you want to influence their behaviour (getting them to click etc), you need to get down to what is already influencing them and driving their behaviour – and that is down at the subconscious level

So understanding the psychology of your prospect and tapping into everything that makes us human is key to creating messaging that moves them along their buying journey until they’re ready to buy


Content That Creates Clients

being a business owner can feel lonely & isolating

The Psychology Of Going It Alone …


70 – 80% of businesses in the UK & USA are lone entrepreneurs – The lone rangers with no employees, yes – you and me

So when it comes to finding someone with who gets you – Who do you have around you?

And sadly – Most business owners said they trusted business advice from friends and family more than professionals!

Who can you trust with your security – the income for your business?

Like you, I own a business, and have paid my own paycheques for the last 15 years – I’ve been in sales in marketing all my working life, and I bring to you 30 years of selling and marketing experience of selling millions of pounds worth of products & services to thousands of clients and customers –

My mission is to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with simple yet powerful and effective marketing to help you achieve personal and financial success –

And rather than flounce around with a lot of marketing hype or hot air, I focus on providing you with the knowledge, the training and the tools to help you grow your business so you can reach your goals and dreams


Amanda Murdoch - Sales And Marketing Training and coaching

You’re Not … Are You?

get more control over your business

The Numbers Don’t Lie

By making immediate changes to your marketing strategy and actions, vast improvements can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time – And that’s great to give you that much needed injection of sales and income

What’s most important after that  is your focus on the long term, and when we work together, we’ll set to work on making both short term gains and improvements – and at the same time, we’ll build in the structures and strategies for long term profitability


Enquiries Increase


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5 Steps To tHE conversations that create clients


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