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So … What’s Your Next Move Going To Be?

Coaching For Your Unique Challenges

Unlock Your Sales & Marketing Potential with Personalized One-to-One Coaching

In every business I see, the individual’s journey is unique, yet most online courses and programs offer a more generic solution, and that leaves you having to sift through lots of content and learning to get to the parts you actually need

Instead with 1-2-1 coaching, we can work on exactly what you want help with saving time and effort

Just as unique as you and your business – so are the challenges, the opportunities, the growth potential – they’re all as distinctive as your business itself.

Recognizing this distinctiveness is the first step toward success.The next? Getting the help you need that’s just as unique, as specialized, and as personal as you are.


That’s where I come in as your dedicated official guide to Sales and Marketing and making it work for you

With my bespoke one-to-one coaching service, you receive far more than general advice that could apply to any business—you get a personalized plan designed specifically for your unique business needs and challenges

Who Is This For?

This service is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales and marketing managers, and anyone ready to make their unique mark in their business field.

Whether you aim to refine your sales techniques, master the art of sales and marketing, or simply want to boost your bottom line, this personalized coaching program is designed with your success in mind.



1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

If you’re prepared to commit the time and money, but you’re not sure if 1-2-1 coaching is for you , then book a call with me – Click the link below to be taken to my calender

Why Choose One-to-One Coaching?

One-to-One coaching is not just another business service—it’s a game changer for your business.

Here’s why:


  1. Personalized Approach: In recognition of your unique business journey, I provide a coaching experience that’s entirely customized to your goals, your challenges, and your growth opportunities
  2. Exclusive Attention: One-to-one coaching ensures that you get my undivided attention during our sessions. This allows us to delve deep into your business and tackle the nuances that can truly make a difference.
  3. Real-Time Feedback: This isn’t a one-way street. Our sessions will be interactive, providing you with immediate, actionable feedback that you can apply to enhance your sales and marketing strategies.
  4. Proven Strategies: With years of industry experience, I bring to the table a range of tested and proven strategies. I’ll equip you with the right tools and techniques to take your business to new heights.

What Happens In The Coaching Session?


These 1 to 1 coaching sessions are led by you –

The goals you are working towards, the ‘what you need nows’, and the issues you want resoving –

You determine what we work on and discuss during the sessions

Maybe You …

  • Have already attended one of my workshops and you want personalised more help?
  • You have a specific issue you want to resolve and you want it resolved – now
  • Need help developing a sales page, offer or sales pitch you can use with your clients?
  • Guidance on implementation or getting something set up and running?

Don’t miss out … Get your session booked today!
Once you have completed your booking , I’ll contact you to agree a time and date with you

Please note –
My one to one time is limited, occasionally I haven’t been able to schedule a one time session in the timeframe needed, should that be the case,  I will immediately refund your payment

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Breakthrough Your Limits

What Got You Started …

You’re a business owner … and whether you are pretty new to being a business owner – Or you’ve been doing it a long time, when you think about it, it took some quite unique and admirable personal attributes and skills to start your business and get going didn’t it?

Character Traits & Skills Like;

Self-belief, passion, motivation, ambition, determination, the guts to invest the money, time and energy, a bit of hustle, confidence, a lot of effort, dedication – and some days – Just pure GRIT!

But What Got You To Here …

Sales & Marketing Coach amanda murdoch on business mindset and mastery

Won’t Get You To Where You Want To Go Next

In the beginning progress is always easy isn’t it?

And at some point most business owners find themselves at a point where they are working just as hard but not growing –  or they seem to have reached a plateau where momentum has slowed and everything just seems to level out

That’s because somewhere along the way – We always bump into our limits

And the more successful you become – The more limitations you have to break through

But as you outgrow your circle of influence, who do you rely on to be that soundboard? That listening ear? That one person who believes in you, even when you’re not quite 100% confident on reaching that next level yet?



Your coach – Just like the world’s top performers – Get a coach to accelerate your success

How You Deal With Those Limits When You Reach Them That Affects The Success Of Your Business

Charge Forward With The Murdoch Method

Return Yourself To Full Business Owner Status

Passion, hard work, pure dedication and grit has got you to where you are … But where are you headed next?

Business is moving faster, markets are forever changing – And as the leader of your business – You’ve got to lead it to the next level – It’s do or die …

That means you’ve got to lead your business fearlessly, relentlessly & strategically into a profitable and sustainable future

Top performers in sports & business work with a coach to refine their skill, focus their mind and improve their performance to win big – Who do you have?

  • For businesses just starting out
  • For businesses reaching to the next level
  • For businesses that have plateaued

Is It Time We Spoke?

How Can Business Coaching Help You?

Book a call with me to discuss your coaching requirements

Business Consulting

Market Research

Mergers & Acquisitions

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Business Coaching

What Are You REALLY Capable Of?

Nobody starts out with unshakable confidence do they? But how much more would you achieve if you could take action in spite of your doubts and fears?

Business coaching is all about supporting you to take the right actions consistently so you are making progress despite your feelings of uncertainty or doubt

The end result? You keep breaking through what you thought you were capable of until you realise that you can create your own rules to create the business and success you’ve always wanted


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From Amanda …

Create Your Own Opportunities

And the results will follow 

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