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As I coach, I take my clients further than they’ve ever gone before so they never go back – If you’re ready, take my hand and give yourself the greatest thrill of your life as you put yourself in a place where miracles happen and your dreams become your reality!


What I Do

I don’t just change my client’s lives – I transform them entirely!

My expertise is in change – The fundamental principal and ingredient of getting what you want

As a professional qualified coach, I have the privilege and the joy of helping my clients make simple yet extraordinary shifts to get extraordinary results in their lives and businesses

When I work with my clients we clear all the obstacles and the reasons why not, and we access potential and possibility – We create the mindset, the motivation and the means so they do get what they want


I’m in the miracle business – And I have the best job in the world!

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

I’m not going to be shy about what I do – Why would I when what I do helps my clients to achieve their goals? I don’t sugarcoat or hold back in my coaching because I want you to get what you want


Return On Investment


Worth It

If We’re Going To Work Together …

I’m going to learn alot about you – So you ought to know more about me  …

I have a wonderful life – I don’t have to ‘go’ to work, I don’t have to tolerate the everyday commute and hustle and bustle, and everyday I wake up to think ‘what would I like to do today’? –

Rather than the dreaded ‘what do I have to do today’? I get to create my day; to prioritise what is important to me, how I want to spend my time – and who I spend it with !

I live in beautiful Cheshire in the UK, I have two children; one an adult, and one now a teen … and I’m the usual wife, daughter, sister etc …

My lifestyle and business allow me some amazing and rewarding things; Work that I love which doesn’t feel like work, taking off for the weekend or week because we feel like it, indulging in hobbies, adding value to other people by volunteering, home-schooling my daughter for 4 years and then sending her to private school for her high school education

One of the more attractive Snapchat filters my daughter finds so amusing

“I’ve always had a curious, ‘it’s fixable’ and determined mindset


From an early age it was alarmingly obvious that I marched to the beat of my own drum, challenged the status quo and always focused on getting what I wanted,


And as my younger years turned into my gothic and often rebellious teenage years, and then into early adulthood it was firmly established that I’m not one for the tick tock and humdrum, and that around me you’re always going to get a bit of ‘la vida loca’ and a refreshing dose of ‘different’”

Credit: My Sis – For capturing a ‘meltdown’ moment

My life wasn’t always so ‘just how I wanted it’ – My entire working life has been in sales and marketing, which I do love, but about 20 years ago, with a great corporate job, and a great track record – I’d had enough … Actually – I HATED it!

I haven’t got that ‘hit rock bottom’ or ‘rags to riches’ story like you read or hear so often – I was successful with a job that signified I’d ‘done good’ – I had the status, the car, the salary etc … But instead of loving it, I felt unfulfilled, unhappy and stressed out! Why? Because I knew deep down I was living someone else’s ideal life …

Because everyday I was being untrue to myself; Doing all the things I hated … having my time dictated by demands of the job, listening to grown adults giving their power away to someone else just so they kept the boss happy and fitted in – Sitting through BS meetings with gritted teeth to play the ‘ego’ games – Smiling and saying yes when I really meant ‘piss off arsehole’ just to be seen to fit in to the culture rather than being a trouble causer – I endured it longer than I should have ever done because I thought I had to put up with it, that was until I thought – No I don’t!

And with that one thought the direction of my life changed – And in typical ‘Mandy style’ I jumped ship – Jacked it all in with no care for how I would pay the mortgage and the bills – and discovered I could SWIM!

Many tell me they would find that terrifying, actually I did when the enormity of what I had done sank in, but taking that action was right for me – Plus I found it incredibly liberating and ever since that day, I’ve worked for myself starting and running businesses – even before we had the internet like we do today!!!

Proven Success

What’s Worth It Isn’t Always Easy

It’s never been a straight smooth path – Absolutely the journey has been scary at times, but I love who I have become because of it – I’ve come up against, and still do come up against limitations and obstacles, both on the outside, and the ones I’ve created for myself on the inside – But I believe that these doubts and limitations are not a signal to stop, they are there to help us grow and find our inner power and strengths. I worked out that working for myself meant I had to keep working ON myself


Know That I Understand …

So Why Am I Telling You All Of This?

Which Path?

Because I want you to know that I understand what it’s like to take the path less travelled …

Self Belief

Because going against the grain is hard before the confidence and self-belief kicks in

Doubts & Uncertainty

Moving in the opposite direction when everyone else is going the other way creates massive doubts and fears


Learning to zone out and focus on ‘I can’ when everybody else is telling you ‘you can’t’

Integrity & Truth

Doing what you know is true and right for you even when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel

Keep On Going

Because keeping going even when you’re thinking ‘what the hell am I doing’? is hard to do

I Want You To Know That …

I know that the path to your hopes and dreams isn’t always the easy and simple one – It’s the path that’s scattered with doubts and fears – But it’s the path that’s worth it

Proven Success

My Secret To Being An Extraordinary Coach Is Having Extraordinary Clients

Each individual that sits with me in the coaching environment is extraordinary – Courageous to put themselves in a place where despite their fears – They take action

I have an incredibly special relationship with my clients – I am that one person in their lives with whom they share their innermost and deepest desires, hopes, dreams, and fears

For my clients I am the person that listens to them without judgement – And I’m the one person that will not sugar coat or avoid what needs to be said – I’ll challenge you to challenge yourself – And, I’ll hold you accountable to your commitment to yourself

  • I’ll believe in you when you’re not ready to believe in yourself yet
  • I’ll spot the magic and potential in you until you are ready to feel it in yourself

As I coach, I take my clients further than they’ve ever gone before so they never go back



I work with successful people – I work with people who want to be successful

The joy has been truly fulfilling in the years I have been inspiring people to change and being part of their unique journey to creating their ‘masterpiece’

We all have our own unique journey as unique individuals with different experiences and hopes, goals and dreams – I’m going to support your every step of the way on your journey

20 years ago in 1999 I tore out 2 pages from a magazine, I still have them today – See them on the image

It reminds me of the power of what I do – It moved me;

Coaching will move you too – Coaching will move you in the direction you want to go and it will move you so you never go back

Choose Success Today

Success IS What You Choose To DO Today

You can run for cover within the certainty and security of what is safe and familiar and having what you’ve always got

– OR –

You can take my hand and give yourself the greatest thrill of your life and put yourself in a place where miracles happen and your dreams become your reality!

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